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The Transitive Property

2015-12-18 13:02:08 by JerrodStorm

Homework = Drawing. Drawing = Awesome. Homework = Awesome.

Even though the semester's over, I'm still whittling away at mega long-term assignments and projects, like the classic flour sack animation test. As simple as it is, I really enjoy it.


3 Years Later: Still Mormon

2015-11-03 23:10:05 by JerrodStorm

It's been more than 3 years since my last post...yeah...

Since October of 2013, I've been in South Orange County, California, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to YOU FILTHY HEATH---BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. :D

I appreciated every minute I spent being a mormon missionary. I've gained insights and perspectives that can only be gained through consistent self-sacrifice and diligent study of the scriptures. It's all true, you know. God really does love us, and wants to help us find peace and happiness in this ridiculous world. Like he has done in ancient times, He's called a prophet in our modern world to warn and prepare us for the future.

Now that I'm back in college and back online, I'll be posting more consistently. I've started my own weekly comic about what missionary work is like, and will be doing quite a bit on the art side of things. Don't worry, I'll be posting more than just religious missionary-type stuff. But for people who are just a bit curious about what LDS missionaries are like, you can get a sense through these light-hearted comics (though some of the future story arcs I have planned will delve into riculously fantasized situations--imagine two mormon missionaries fighting off dragons or discovering underground mole people--you'll get the idea). 

Anyway, stay cool everyone. :)



2012-08-12 17:03:48 by JerrodStorm

Hey Newgrounds! A bit of bad news. i'm likely not going to be able to submit much for a long while. How long? Probably about 3 years.

I'm packing my computer up tomorrow, and I'll be headed to college in about a week. Where I'm going, Newgrounds is likely going to be blocked, since--as far as I know--video streaming sites are blocked on campus, the only exception being youtube. After a year out at school, i'll be heading off on an LDS mission. On a mission, one simply does not go on the internet just for fun. One devotes all of their time to preaching the gospel and the atonement on a mission, so free reigns online can be a distraction at best, and dangerous otherwise.

Don't think i've just abandoned the Newgrounds Community, though, or go thinking that I've stopped animating forever. Quite the contrary. There are just some things that have to take precedence. Education and Faith are two of them. I'll be seeing you guys later, and i'll be working on new stuff for when I return, including that unfinished NATA entry, along with a sequel to one of my other videos.

Oh, also, before I go: I found this on youtube a little while ago. It's probably one of my favorite videos. Yeah, it's cheesy and uplifting. Deal with it.

Johnny Lingo

Don't think about elephants.

2012-06-07 10:28:41 by JerrodStorm
Updated, what's on your mind?

My NATA novice round submission just cleared judgment a little while ago, you guys should really go check it out.

There are a lot of firsts in this video. Here are just a few:

-first time painting backgrounds in photoshop
-first time collaborating with users other than my close friends
-first time I incorporated a sort of message (sort of)
-first time branching out from my usual style
-first animation after finishing high school
-first time using my own music in a project

I plan to do a lot more experimenting in the next round, that is, if i make it to the next round. i'm going to be changing up the style a ton, with inspiration from dan paladin and pahgawk. Not that I'll be copying them, I'm just pulling a few ideas from their work in order to create something a bit different.

Also, I plan on working quite a bit on my writing and directing capability. I might be able to carry a joke or two, but I have not the slightest idea how to convey a serious message, nor present it in an easily followed fashion.

by the way, that KickStarter thing at the end, it's really really REALLY important to Newgrounds. Sure, it seems like a cheesy idea at first, but just think about it. We're talking about a live action mini series about one of the best websites out there.

So, uh, that's it for now. Thanks for reading! Comments are appreciated! Libel and religious bigotry aren't! :D

Working up a Storm!

2012-06-02 10:37:08 by JerrodStorm

This has got to be the most productive I've ever been. I've done about 20 seconds of character animation per day for the past few days now. At this rate, I'll be able to finish all of the character animation by monday, and then I can do the rest of the backgrounds on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday.

All I'm worried about now is getting the permission from the musicians to use their music. I haven't heard from a single person yet. And the whole project loses some of it's value if there's no music.

Oh, well. I suppose either way the end product will be good enough to move on in the contest.

FEW!! On to the fun part!

2012-05-24 16:51:08 by JerrodStorm

I FINALLY got my lazy butt in gear and finished the storyboard and script. Now for the fun part: backgrounds and rough animation!

Nata Novice Round: Voice Actors Chosen!

2012-05-21 18:05:04 by JerrodStorm

The voice actors have been chosen!

they are: SenatorJohnDean as The Elephant Beetle, and KaggyFilms as Andy!

Thanks to everyone who tried out!
Hey Newgrounds!

So, I've successfully made it into the first bracketed round of the Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation! It's been an absolute blast so far, and there's plenty of room for other to get involved still.

more to the point, I have a few characters that still need voice actors. They are:

-Andy the Ant-

If you'd like to be a voice actor in my Novice Round animation, just post a comment with a link to your audition file, or PM me with it. The script for the moment is still a Work in Progress, but here's a little clip of what each character would probably say at one point or another:

EBR- "Hey, you should really patch up that hole. You could let a thief in." *Laughs Snidely

EBR- "This ought to go nicely with that sweater my mom knitted me for christmas."

Andy- "Hey! Shopkeep! Can't you see the place's getting robbed?"

Andy- "Oh, uh... I was just wondering, do you sell any fishing gear?"

The film could also use a few tunes, if anyone's got the spare time. Maybe something light at first, then a bit heavier and more sporadic, and something in a minor key to end with. I dunno, PM me if you're interested.

And if you aren't sure you want to work with me, just watch my open round entry for Nata, Quantum Freezer Theory.

stay tuned for updates and news on NATA!

NATA thing's done, AND OUT! :O

2012-05-07 11:25:43 by JerrodStorm

My animation for the NATA open round is DONE! Though, I'm gonna keep editing bits and pieces until the deadline. Better safe than sorry, right? Especially considering who's entering.

From the looks of things, I've got some stiff competition. A few of last year's competitors are entering again, including emrox and sandwich-eater, both semi-finalists. Dave Pagurek van Mossel's also thrown his chips in, and the kid knows his stuff. I've also seen some posts from Jomillex and BobyB64 saying that they've entered. This ought to be a really fun. :)

I'm already thinking of what I could do for next round. It sounds weird, considering they announce a theme to stop people from starting early, but I think I've found a way to do some initial planning. I mean, no matter what, you're always going to need a set of characters and a setting, right? So why not just list out a few different options (say like two kids in a garage, or say a dog in the park). So, when the theme is announced, you have a whole list of characters and scenarios to choose from already. It becomes as simple as choosing out a combination that you think will work best, then changing and writing the story from there.

I guess there could be some downsides with this approach, though...


Released! I call it "The Quantum Freezer Theory." Also, don't get your hopes up for a laugh. I'm just as unfunny as I've ever been.

Time to Start Animating!

2012-04-18 09:40:27 by JerrodStorm

So: I just barely finished the script and storyboard for my entry to NATA. I've got to say, the concept of time travel really brings some inspiration to the table. The idea I finally settled with was going back in time to pull a prank. I know,really original, but just trust me. It's a simple idea, with room for creativity. Its light hearted, and easy(ish) to follow.

If anyone's interested in criticizing-erm-"Beta Testing" my work while it's in progress, just give me a shout out. I can never get enough opinions. :)

if you aren't sure if I'm worth watching, just watch my latest submission to newgrounds, "Aminal Crossing."

BYU Bound!

2012-04-07 22:33:14 by JerrodStorm

Hey all!

I just wanted to let the ENTIRE UNIVERSE know that I got accepted to Brigham Young University! That's right, I'm headed to Provo!

Anyone who might not know what that means for an aspiring animator might be interested to find out that BYU has the best, yes, THE BEST animation program in the US. No lie, nor exaggeration. okay, well maybe a little. But I'll have you all know that pixar has given more jobs to BYU alumni than to any other university graduate. And for me, that sounds like more than reason enough to be excited.

"A door was opened more than five years ago when the first BYU student landed an internship at Pixar Animation Studios. Since then, many students have earned internships, worked on some of Pixar's big animated movies and been retained in full-time positions. Pixar likes BYU's program so much that its animators mentor their students."
-The Deseret News

Blam. there it is. And that was as of last year.

Now all that's left for me is to make it into the animation program itself, which is said to be ridiculously competitive. Wish me luck! :D

BYU Bound!